How correctly to write an abstract

//How correctly to write an abstract

How correctly to write an abstract

A sample for a student When preparing an abstract it is very important to follow a generally accepted structure my essay writer, it is simple and involves several mandatory elements: 1. Table of contents. The table of contents is placed on a separate page and contains all the chapters of the abstract with the corresponding pages in the work. 2. Introduction. This part of the essay should be designed for 1-2 pages and contain: the rationale for choosing this topic; the statement of tasks, the urgency of the problem disclosed in the abstract; set goals and stages of their implementation; a brief analysis of the problem in different sources. The purpose of the abstract is the result of the work on the study of the chosen topic. After the formation of the goal, it is necessary to list the tasks, the solution of which will allow it to be achieved. 3. The main part. At this stage of the work, the full disclosure of the topic is carried out. The structure of the information submission in this part of the work provides for the division into chapters and their separate parts – paragraphs. Each such section, as a rule, is devoted to a separate problem, therefore at the end they should contain brief conclusions. The statement of each section should smoothly pass into the content of the next, in accordance with the logical sequence. Sections are headlined, the title should correspond to the information contained in it. The main part is the largest volume of the abstract and takes 10-30 pages (depending on the topic being opened and the teacher’s requirements). If a direct or indirect quote is used in the presentation of the material, then after it a reference should be made to the source number and the page where it is located (in square brackets). Another option is a footnote at the end of the page. 4. Conclusion. The final part contains the results of the completed studies of individual problems and topics in general, their own conclusions on the topic covered in the abstract and, if appropriate, recommendations. Depending on the total volume of the abstract, the final part takes up to 3 pages. 5. List of literature and other sources used.

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